What do we do in Europe
Since we started the work of ROUTE some Ten years ago we have really been establishing ourselves with a firm foundation and a good working relationship with the people we have been involved with so far.

Our aims are:
  • Sharing Christ with all people
  • Children's work
  • Training
  • Sponsorship of Students
  • Sponsorship of Projects
  • Church links: East to West. West to East
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Helping to Resource¬† the Church
Our Mission

In order to achieve this vision, ROUTE commits its self to the following mission.

To provide innovative, practical and top-quality teaching that saves lives and improves the way people follow their faith. With the objective of bringing both the Gospel and Christian aid to Europe, in particular the eastern nations. We believe our first responsibility is to share the love of God with all people.
  • Respect all Christian Denominations and to work together to bring the lost to Christ.
  • Follow the philosophy that the teaching we bring of Christ will enrich those who receive it.
  • Considered as a cause for the future in our Church community.
  • To honour God and give Him all the glory in all we attempt to do.
Mission Statement

ROUTE commits to God that we will honour His faith in all that we strive to
Achieve within the Church and its community for the benefit of the
Church and its community

about how you can help the People in Europe today to bring the good news of Christ.


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